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Dysbiosis (also called dysbacteriosis) is a term for a microbial imbalance or maladaptation on or inside the body, such as an impaired microbiota. For example.Altern Med Rev. 2004 Jun;9(2):180-97. The causes of intestinal dysbiosis: a review. Hawrelak JA(1), Myers SP. Author information: (1)School of Natural and .Mar 28, 2017 Mechanisms and consequences of intestinal dysbiosis. Weiss GA(1), Hennet T(2). Author information: (1)Institute of Physiology, University.To develop and validate a novel diagnostic test using faecal samples to profile the intestinal microbiota and identify and characterise dysbiosis.The role of the microbiota and the potential for diet-induced dysbiosis in inflammatory conditions of the GI tract and systemic diseases will be discussed.

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