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Nov 26, 2018 CEGT 40/120 new. time control: 40/120'+20/60'+20'+10" (adapted to AMD-X4 @ 3.0GHZ). 1 core for each engine / PB=off. hashtablesize: 1024 .CEGT stands for Chess Engines Grand Tournament. Our Team has fun to test chess engines and we will give. our result and information to all chess enthusiasts.CEGT 40/120. SSDF 40/120. SWRC 40/10 (Frank Quisinsky) WBEC 40/40 (Leo Dijksman). Permanent Brain = ON. Permanent Brain = ON. Permanent Brain.Jun 18, 2018 CEGT, stands for Chess Engines Grand Tournament, an Engine rating list site, The CEGT testing group started in 2005 and was formed.Jun 11, 2018 Hi all, our actual rating lists are online and can be found under the attached links! 40 / 20: New games: 2.839; 34 different engines. Total: 1.137.

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